Canadian companies required to protect employees from online abuse, multimodal content, clickbait, augmented-virtuality, free media, owned media and Ice Bucket funds come through… seven must-reads for digital public affairs practitioners.

Employers now responsible for protecting their workers on social media

A recent arbitration case related to harassing tweets directed at the Toronto Transit Commission’s @TTChelps Twitter account has paved the way for Canadian companies to take responsibility for the protection of their employees from online harassment.

3 myths about creating content for mobile users

Mobile hasn’t just change where and when we consume content, but how we notice and respond to content. It’s no longer good enough to be mobile-friendly, you must be mobile-minded and multimodal-minded. That means understanding how your content works not just on mobile devices, but on tablets, desktops, televisions (of a variety of sizes) and even print.

Facebook has officially declared war on clickbait

You know those Facebook links that end with “YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT…” or “HIS REACTION IS PRICELESS” (note the titles are often in all caps)? Well, the social network has updated its algorithms to block those posts from your newsfeeds. This is great news for users, though for people (and companies) who have exploited clickbait to drive traffic to their websites.

Cal State LA Launches Pokémon Go Health Walk

I’ve decided to call it “augmented-virtuality.” Cal State is using Pokemon Go to get people involved in a “Health Walk” of its 175-acre campus. The applications for this augmented-reality game will continue to evolve in the months to come, before its players tire of it.

‘Family’ Association Is Freaking The F Out Over This Hilton Hotel Ad

Communicators are enjoying a great time of trailblazing ads featuring same-sex couples lands them incredible amounts of free earned media. Enjoy it while it lasts, though. In the next year or two as the world becomes more accepting of same-sex couples and gender-fluid people, this kind of ad will be less scandalous and will get the same kind of attention as any other ad.

Please Embrace Owned Media and Help Alleviate a Pet Peeve

Simply put, if you do not have a website that you own and manage, you are entrusting everything about your online footprint to other gatekeepers. Yes, you will benefit from a well maintained social media presence. However, if you don’t prioritize a website you control to hold your online presence together, you’re betting your online visibility on someone else’s whims.

Ice Bucket Challenge shows real-world value by funding new ALS-related gene discovery

Despite criticisms the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was largely “slacktivism”, the Internet video sensation raised $115M for ALS research. That funding has led to the discovery related to gene-based ALS. While the gene is only associated with 3% of ALS cases, it stands as an important discovery and perhaps the first of many.

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