Online abuse, fake news, Cancon, emergency preparedness, CEOs, Q&As and paywalled podcasts…. seven must-reads for digital public affairs practitioners.

Instagram tackles online abuse, bullying with new text filters

Hundreds of “deplorable words” in dozens of languages are now on Instagram’s hit-list in its effort to reduce online abuse.

Facebook, Twitter, and 30 other orgs join First Draft’s partner network to help stop the spread of fake news

A number of social media organizations have joined forces with Google to create First Draft Partner Network, an initiative to reduce and even stop the spread of fake news. While this partnership mobilizes, be sure to check Snopes before you spread news stories that may be fake.

Going digital is Cancon’s biggest challenge, Heritage Minister says

According to Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly, exporting Canada’s creative content is our greatest challenge in the digital age. She will be hosting a series of consultations with cultural industries across the country and will look for online input using the hashtag #DigiCanCon.

The Content Corner: Using Social Media to Promote, Enhance Preparedness for the Public We Serve

First responders and relevant government services have figured out why and how to use social media for emergency communications. How has your organization incorporated social media into your emergency (and crisis) communication plans? Are you ready? Really ready?

The CEO’s guide to public affairs

Does your CEO need help understanding the importance of and broad scope of public affairs work? This guide from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations is a great resource.

Join the discussion: NASA hosts Q&A for its asteroid capture mission on Facebook

Public consultations, town hall meetings and forums are increasingly taking place online. NASA’s online trailblazing continues with its September 13 Q&A held on Facebook.

Are you ready to pay for a Netflix for podcasts?

Will the growing popularity of high-calibre podcasts pave the way for podcasting paywalls?

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