Influence, advocacy, polarization, rebranding and stories… seven must-reads for digital public affairs practitioners.

You’re doing influence marketing wrong: insider tips to do it right

Don’t be fooled by the “velvet ropes and red carpet.” Real action happens where people congregate, especially where they extend your reach into other interest networks. This post explains how that’s done.

Help employees boost your organization wisely on social media

Tom Cruise’s famous appeal “Help me help you” from the movie Jerry Maguire is great advice. Organizations need to coach and support their employees. If the employees are successful online, enjoy the experience and feel supported, the organization can benefit greatly.

9 creative ways to use Instagram Stories

Alfred Lua has put together a great collection of examples of how to harness the power of Instagram Stories.

Study: Decline of traditional media feeds polarization

“…with newsrooms reeling, and staffing decimated, a weakening of the stable platforms threatens to cause general informational impoverishment, a degradation of the entire information ecosystem.”

5 crucial steps for a dynamic rebranding

Branding and rebranding activities are fairly common among our public affairs clients. Here’s an article to help you organize your thinking whether you work on your own or engage a company like Full Duplex.

Airbnb Mobilizes Users to Help Fight Its Battles in New York

With a base of 46,000 engaged and digitally savvy users in New York, Airbnb is starting a political movement to work with regulators.

EpiPen Reaction: How Digital Communications Impacts Advocacy and Public Affairs

The public’s ability to join the front lines in this issue is surpassed only by the spread of the video of a Congressional panel “taking down” Mylan CEO Heather Bresch.

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