Strategy over scattershot, innovation over inertia… seven must-reads for digital public affairs practitioners.

#ImWithHer: Inside the Clinton campaign’s social strategy

If you’re going to include social media and online platforms as part of your public affairs strategy, do it right. Be human. Be attention-getting. Be engaging. Be personable. And, above all, be strategic.

Canadian CMOs Open Up About Their 2017 Priorities

It’s clear CMOs understand that to succeed in digital involves strategic thinking and creative action. More importantly, at least one recognized succeeding in digital is a process.

LHIN has focus on engagement with social media, surveys

The Erie St. Clair LHIN has figured out the value of social media for intelligence gathering, informed decision making and effective service delivery.

BlackBerry to outsource smartphone manufacturing from now on

Once, a titan which conceived made the smartphone possible, Blackberry rested on its laurels seemingly deciding the world had reached peak smartphone innovation. They were wrong. And they’ve been trying to recapture their relevance ever since.

How SHRM got their advocates to post 830 individual comments to – and write 8,000 letters to Congress. In 60 days.

What I like most about this article is it make so perfectly clear the need for discipline in all online campaigns.

Tackling corporate social media in 2016

Does social media still confuse you? Is trying to make it fit in your corporate communication culture a big cloud over your head. Here’s another post that breaks things down for you.

Slate, now 20 years old, reflects on the value of taking the long view and not chasing digital media trends

Long game success in the age of democratized media requires Blue Ocean thinking, creativity and agility. Being like everyone is an investment in your own marginalization.

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