Emergency communications, blowback, becoming a media brand, ad-targeting, political views and power players… seven must-reads for digital public affairs practitioners.

Looking Back and Looking Forward: the Future of Public Safety Communications in the Post 9/11 Era—a Video Series

The world has changed a lot in the last 15 years — politically, socially and digitally. This series on public safety communications looks very interesting. FirstNet’s video series can be found here.

Starbucks Enters New Media With Original Series

Coke became an entertainment company. Nike became a personal achievement company. And now Starbucks has figured out strong brands have something more than a product and a vibe, they also offer an asynchronous service that extends the connection.

Consumers lash out at American Airline’s latest campaign

Possibly sarcastic remarks. Instructions couched in subtleties. What could possibly go wrong here? Lesson: ALWAYS do your TRAs!

Facebook lets small businesses go global with international ad-targeting tools

Facebook’s paid media offerings keep getting more compelling and powerful. Is your public affairs team putting this tool to good use?

Facebook has given you a political label — find out where (it thinks) you stand

Find out what Facebook thinks your political stance is.

Snapchat hires White House staffer

They’re social media savvy and have political status. Staffers aren’t what they used to be.

Video is giving The New Yorker a way to reach new readers without turning off existing diehards

Even journalists have to think like entrepreneurs and media organizations like startups these days. The New Yorker has figured out that being agile, creative and relatable is the way to attract and build engaged audiences.

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