If we told you in 2005 (the year Facebook launched in Canada) that roughly six in 10 Canadians would check Facebook at least once every day a decade later, you wouldn’t have believed us. Just two years ago, 12% of Canadians reported social media (all platforms combined) served as their primary source of news and information. Now Facebook is nipping at the heels of television, the current (though likely not for long) number one source for breaking news for Canadians.

Those are just some of the key findings in Matters of Opinion 2017, the third in a series of reports produced by Full Duplex and Abacus Data. This latest edition reveals profound shifts that impact public affairs and political communication, and even on public relations and marketing.

Given what has happened in the recent months – Brexit, Trump, debates about the role of government intervention in the news business, the rise of fake news and the emergence of alternative facts – we believe public affairs professionals, those looking to influence public opinion or public policy, and those just interested in politics will find Matters of Opinion valuable and actionable.

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