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Matters of Opinion

As social media adoption rates for public affairs chatter continue to rise – albeit at a slower rate than in some other countries – Canadians are becoming increasingly exposed to the online discourse through mainstream media channels. This flow of information is consistent with the model we put forward in last year’s Matters of Opinion report. Essentially, social media is the confirmed water cooler of the modern era.

Idle No More

The Idle No More movement grew out of a number of complex, deep-rooted issues which can be difficult to convey within a newspaper article, much less a 140 character tweet. In trying to simplify these issues, many important details of the movement were lost. The challenges associated with communicating nuanced issues in a clear, concise and meaningful way are likely among the many factors that caused public interest in INM to take a sudden downturn just as the movement seemed to be reaching critical mass.

Peace, Order and Googleable Government

In today’s information culture, people look to the Internet first to learn about issues, find information, solve problems and engage with others. A well-designed, well-maintained digital ecosystem, including a website (or digital constituency office) and social media outposts, has become an increasingly valuable asset for politicians. As identified in the 2013 edition of our Matters of Opinion report, online information and interactions are playing a larger role in how Canadian opinions are being shaped.

Our 2014 analysis is available in a series of blog posts.

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