Crisis communications and reputation management

Success Story

An industry association found itself at the centre of a major crisis. As with most modern crises, much of the commentary and criticism was playing out over social media which was feeding mainstream media coverage. The volume of activity made it extremely difficult for the association to keep up with the issue, much less make sense of the discourse.

Full Duplex was brought in to parse through the online activity, identify participants who were most likely to influence the media and regulatory agenda, and help prepare our client to respond to criticisms and make smart statements when necessary.

Read the breakdown of the situation, strategy and results, below.

Case Study: Crisis communications and reputation management


  • A major incident put the client industry’s safety on top of the media and public agenda
  • Social media lit up with expressions of outrage and debates on the industry’s regulations
  • Our client was unable to keep up with the rate of information, criticisms and rumours
  • Unclear if any online participants were credible
  • Online activity had the potential to cause significant reputation damage and influence policy


  • Limit reputation damage to our client and its industry
  • Monitor and analyze online chatter
  • Track trends in key areas of public concern
  • Organize participants into meaningful groups
    • government and politicians
    • industry stakeholders
    • analysts and academics
    • engaged and informed public
    • superficial participants
  • Analyze and organize online findings to inform strategy and messaging


  • Played an important role in preserving the reputation of our client and its industry
  • Predicted the news cycle and nature of news stories
  • Client was able to maintain a low profile by knowing when to comment and when to not comment
  • Helped prepare our client for interviews
  • Client was better prepared for regulatory hearings

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