Digital public affairs and issues management

Success Story

A government body found itself the target of significant criticism following news of a potential economic crisis. The situation was made worse by widespread accusations that the government was using ‘spin’ to downplay the looming problems.

After reading our detailed analysis of the Idle No More movement, a director with the government contacted Full Duplex. He enlisted our expertise to support a public consultation and strategic planning process. We analyzed online commentary, measured and identified trends in opinions, and provided strategic guidance on communication activities and input on organizational changes.

Read the breakdown of the situation, strategy and results, below.

Case Study: Digital public affairs and issues management


  • A government body faced a potential economic crisis
  • After branding the crisis, the client was accused of using “spin” to downplay the matter
  • Criticism was fast and furious both online and in the media


  • Host a one-day public forum on the issue
  • Online research and analysis for three distinct consultation periods
    • initial reaction to the announcement
    • immediate reaction to the forum, including real-time tracking of online commentary
    • reaction to our client’s response following the release of the report
  • Prepare recommendations for the way forward on digital communications, monitoring and outreach activities, organizational structure, resourcing and training


  • Research and analysis stages helped direct three actives
    • consultation communications and planning for the one-day summit
    • preparation for budget related communication
    • feedback on the public consultation and budget report
  • Client implemented Full Duplex’s recommended departmental reorganization
  • Trained public affairs officers to more effectively communicate and participate over social media

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