Reputation and issues management

Success Story

A labour association found itself without a voice when it most needed public support. The association and its president lacked the public profile necessary to be included in media reports. This interfered with their ability to be part of the considered opinion, alongside higher profile management opinions.

A member of the Full Duplex digital public affairs team was brought in to lead a digital-first effort intended raise the profile of the association and its president. The approach involved showcasing the personality of the president and taking organic steps to build his personal rapport and professional credibility online, with the public and especially with the media and politicians.

Read the breakdown of the situation, strategy and results, below.

Case study: Reputation and issues management


  • Reports of workplace conduct were damaging the reputation of an association and its members
  • Media were not including the association’s views in their coverage
  • Client was unable to get public attention on member-affecting issues
  • Growing public outrage and distrust of the association’s members


  • Digital-driven strategy to establish association president as relatable and credible spokesperson
  • Highlight association members as part of the community
  • Engage the media and public using social media, showcasing association and its membership
  • Use social media channels to comment on existing news reports and introduce new stories


  • Association president became a ‘go-to’ spokesperson on relevant matters
  • Several important stories broke in the media because of association president’s tweets
  • Association members saw their concerns being communicated and considered through the media
  • Elevated profile of both the association and its president
  • Association president was contacted by similar associations in the United States for advice on social media matters

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