Brand building through an effective web presence

Success Story

An industry association determined that its aging website worked counter to its mandate to make new friends with the public, business communities and municipalities. The site was text heavy, academic and cumbersome to navigate; “repellant” as the Director of Communications called it.

Full Duplex worked closely with the client to rework the entire site, making it a showcase for the industry. The site became an effective online hub supporting a strong brand and reinforcing the industry’s commitment to good public relations.

Read the breakdown of the situation, strategy and results, below.

Case Study: Crisis communications and reputation management


  • The Association’s website had become academic, wordy, and inward-facing, featuring content that catered only to industry insiders
  • Public visitors found and came to the website, though few spent time on the site or found what they were looking for
  • Leadership had a mandate to “make friends” with the public, business communities and municipalities
  • The Director of Communications referred to the site as “repellant”


  • Rework the information architecture and presentation of the website to reach and grow a wider audience
  • Apply principles of brand journalism to increase interest and return visits to the site
  • Focus messaging and make it more visual, shareable and mobile friendly
  • Make the website a showpiece to shine light on the industry in the digital age
  • Create the conditions under which the public would voluntarily raise awareness of the site


  • Less than a year after the site was relaunched, metrics indicated incredible success:
    • returning visits increased 49.4%
    • visit durations increased 24.2%
    • page views per session increased 18.6%
    • referral traffic increased 170%
    • social media traffic increased 164%
  • Website content has helped drive the Association’s social media efforts and successes
  • The client is ecstatic and now considers the website the star performer of its communications ecosystem

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