Never underestimate the importance of simple, clear language with emotional resonance.

Many organizations run their communications by committee. This invariably involves lawyers and others who are concerned about projecting an image that avoids conflict. The result is announcement interesting only to themselves rather than the public they hope to reach.

The Liberal Party won a landslide majority in Canada’s election this week. While the election turned out to be a referendum on Stephen Harper, change was available in two dominant forms (among others).

Why did Canada choose the Trudeau-led Liberals over the Mulcair-led NDP?

I believe a lot of it had to do with Trudeau’s personality and the way he speaks from (or at least appears to speak from) his heart. Mulcair’s style appeared more crafted and rehearsed, even corporate.

Put another way, Trudeau appears to embody his message, while Mulcair appears to present his.

Remember, you’re not just competing to be heard with your direct competition. In the digital age, you compete with the entire online world. That includes everything from the top news stories to the latest cat video.


The Boston Globe published a story on political communication, yesterday. Specifically, they consider why Donald Trump and Ben Carson are so successful both on stage and online. It’s definitely worth the read.

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