MPs put 184,323 tweets on the books for 2014, just less-than a 1% increase on 2013’s 182,611 tweets.

Using Sysomos Heartbeat and Full Duplex’s proprietary Compass tool, we have gathered data and conducted analysis on 2014. Yesterday we looked at the most actively mentioned issues by public participants in the #cdnpoli Twitter chatter. Today, look at the MPs.

MPs on Twitter

First up, the 10 most-actively tweeting MPs and the distribution of their tweet types: regular (communication), replies (conversation) and retweets (amplification).

MP Twitter handle2014 tweets (avg/day)RegularRepliesRetweets
@Carolyn_Bennett (LPC)8,743 (24/day)13%1%86%
@ElizabethMay (GPC)5,546 (15/day)12%50%39%
@JinnySims (NDP)4,641 (13/day)41%13%46%
@MichelleRempel (CPC)4,509 (12/day)32%26%43%
@DanAlbas (CPC)4,224 (12/day)18%15%66%
@KenneyJason (CPC)4,046 (11/day)57%18%25%
@BalGosal (CPC)4,044 (11/day)34%35%30%
@TonyClementCPC (CPC)3,659 (10/day)35%52%13%
@WoodworthMP (CPC)3,026 (8/day)15%85%0%
@BradButtMP (CPC)2,979 (8/day)39%3%58%

Twitter on the MPs

Next, the 10 most-mentioned MPs by those issuing #cdnpoli-tagged tweets, and the manner in which they mentioned the MP: @replies (a tweet that begins with the MP’s Twitter handle as though directed at the MP), . @mentions (a tweet that mentions the MP’s Twitter handle within the body of the tweet) and retweets (retweeting an MP’s tweets).

MP Twitter handle2014 Mentions (avg/day)@replies (direct). @mentionsRetweeted
@PMHarper (CPC)63,186 (173/day)10,4803,38049,326
@ElizabethMay (GPC)16,105 (44/day)1,10723014,768
@JustinTrudeau (LPC)14,967 (41/day)3,15394910,865
@ThomasMulcair (NDP)11,918 (33/day)1,28962610,003
@Carolyn_Bennett (LPC)7,401 (20/day)387746,940
@JimFlaherty (CPC)5,811 (16/day)817584,936
@KenneyJason (CPC)3,736 (10/day)1,5793281,829
@HedyFry (LPC)3,585 (10/day)210293,346
@KirstyDuncanMP (NDP)3,532 (10/day)210163,382
@PaulDewar (NDP)2,884 (8/day)2421062,536

Issues comparison

It’s interesting to compare what public participants in #cdnpoli-tagged Twitter chatter most discuss online and what MPs talk about. Keep in mind that the comparison here has the following characteristics:

  • #cdnpoli chatter is clearly focused on federal political issues, while the analysis of MP tweets considers all of their tweets (not just those tagged #cdnpoli) so there is a great likelihood of themes including personal interests, riding interests and current events (among others).
  • Issues that get people worked up will attract partisans of all stripes who will contribute to the chatter in either a passing or more committed manner. This can increase the volume of issue-specific tweets.
  • Tweets mentioning the Canadian Forces, personnel and veterans covers a wide range of political and historical issues ranging from current deployments, procurement projects, benefits and service delivery, Remembrance Day, the Ottawa shooting and the 100th anniversary of WWI, among others.
  • There is a greater number of public participants in #cdnpoli than MPs.
MP issue/themes on Twitter#cdnpoli issue/themes on Twitter
EmploymentOil, gas and pipelines
Canadian forces, personnel and veteransEmployment
EducationCanadian forces, personnel and veterans
EconomyElections and byelections
Elections and byelectionsEnvironment
CrimeFirst nations
First nationsEconomy
Oil, gas and pipelinesHealth

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