Andrew MacDougall, the Director of Communications at the Prime Minister’s Office, announced his resignation yesterday. He will be crossing the pond to join the MSLGroup in London, UK as Senior Executive Consultant. MacDougall said he’s had a long-standing goal of working in London.

This announcement caused a stir of activity on Twitter. There were 508 mentions of MacDougall or PMO issued by 334 users between yesterday and today.



MacDougall joined the PMO in November 2008 and was appointed Director of Communications in April 2012 when his predecessor, Angelo Persichilli, resigned after only seven months on the job. This means Prime Minister Harper will have to hire his eighth communications director since becoming PM in 2006. It also means replacing the first person who helped inflect personality into the PM’s social media activities. [UPDATE: Thank you to Andrew MacDougall for catching our error of when he joined the PMO!]

It seems that the PMO is experiencing a string of resignations lately. Following Nigel Wright’s highly publicized resignation in May, Chris Woodcock, the former director of issues management at the PMO, resigned last month. Woodcock has been named in court documents as one of  three individuals who knew about Wright’s cheque to Duffy. The other two individuals are David van Hemmen, who served as an assistant to Wright, and Benjamin Perrin, who was the PM’s legal advisor until his resignation in April.

In other news, Pamela Wallin continues to be in the top #cdnpoli trends, with there being 4,169 Twitter mentions by 1,558 users from August 13 to today.

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