Today, Albertans are heading out to vote in the provincial election. With the polls still open for a few more hours, there isn’t much that can be said about the results. As with many elections in recent years, voters are taking to social media to talk about the election.

As of 6:30PM EST, here is what the 2015 Alberta election looks like online:

  • Overall mentions of the election: 29,173
  • Overall unique Twitter participants: 14,270
  • Mentions of the New Democratic Party: 3,968 (2,129 participating accounts)
  • Mentions of Progressive Conservative Party: 4,377 (2,883 participating accounts)
  • Mentions of the Wild Rose Party: 2,733 (1,209 participating accounts)
  • Mentions of the Alberta Party: 1,017 (614 participating accounts)
  • Mentions of the Liberal Party: 321 (222 participating accounts)

Much of the online chatter is focused on encouraging Albertans to go out and vote, sharing information about polling stations. Many individuals seem to be hoping for a majority government, hoping to avoid another election in the next two years. Though there is chatter surrounding all the major parties running in the election, there is no obvious theme to the conversations taking place online.

Analysis conducted using Sysomos Heartbeat.

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