Very few political issues in Canada stand much chance of getting noticed so long as the Senate expense scandal. Food and transportation safety, which seemed primed for renewed interest after events from the weekend, could have been contenders. That was until a press conference by Mike Duffy’s lawyer this morning. He suggests he has proof the PMO was tightly enmeshed in communication related to Senator Duffy’s residence and expense claims.

Welcome to #CDNpoli trends, the October 21, 2013 edition!

Senate spending scandal

Last year at this time, CDNpoli revolved around oil and pipelines. Step aside. Nearly 870 Canadians joined the Twitter chatter about the Senate scandal, contributing just over 1,940 tweets. Here are a few of the most popular tweets:

131021-cdnpoli-BobRae-senate 131021-cdnpoli-SteveBurgess1-senate

First Nations and fracking

Things have calmed down quite a bit following last week’s violent clashes with police. Nevertheless, First Nations protests of fracking operations in New Brunswick have helped re-energize the IdleNoMore movement.


International trade

The Conservative government is taking every opportunity to promote the CETA trade deal with the EU. It was the closing point on questions about the Senate during QP, today. And, the issue makes it to the number three position in #CDNpoli chatter, today. Not all of it is supportive of the government’s position.


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