Despite numerous media reports that said Verizon Communications Inc. was considering purchasing Wind Mobile and making its way to Canada, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam announced yesterday that the company won’t be coming to Canada. It’s no doubt that Canada’s Big 3 (Rogers, Bell and Telus) breathed a collective sigh of relief upon hearing the news. The Big 3 launched “Fair for Canada”, an expensive PR campaign that appeared to have produced a reaction opposite from the one the companies were hoping for.


Verizon’s announcement led to a wide variety of responses, including a blog post by University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist.

There was also a lot of discussion on Twitter  about this issue (between September 2 and 3, there were 781 Twitter mentions) with the vast majority of individuals expressing their disappointment over the fact that Canada’s wireless market won’t be seeing more competition:


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Another interesting discussion point had to do with Lowell McAdam’s comment that Verizon’s interest in the Canadian market was “way overblown”. A number of individuals attributed Verizon’s loss of interest in Canada to their $130 billion Vodafone buyout deal, which was also announced yesterday, something that McAdam refuted.

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