Here are seven articles from the past week that digital public affairs professionals should read.

Are Uber and Facebook Turning Users into Lobbyists?

Okay, this article was from last week — and, it will be relevant for quite some time. As lobbying of decision makers becomes increasingly democratized, we are also discovering that those who control the platforms have even more access (read: infuence) over that democracy. I’m sharing this as both a wake up call and a support for my claim that it’s important to be more creative with digital advocacy efforts.

Search engine bias could sway elections, new research suggests

Biases don’t have to be malicious to exist. And, they can exist as much in software algorithms as they can in human interactions. Which means, it’s not so surprising to learn that our reliance on a single source to curate our online information could become a problem. And, it reinforces the importance of having a strong and strategic online ecosystem in becoming part of the considered opinion.

The Demographics of Social Media Users

As part of a new report on mobile messaging and social media, Pew Research provides demographic analysis of the user base on five social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Tracking the Duffy Buzz

I was a guest of CTV’s Power Play, today. I was interviewed by host Mercedes Stephenson about how the Duffy trial is being discussed on Twitter as determined by a new, interactive tool Full Duplex and Josh Gillmore have co-developed. We made the Duffy trial version of the interactive analysis tool available online for free as a pilot. Our hope is to help improve data analysis, and to show people how powerful and data rich Twitter is for public affairs.

Facebook topic data comes to Sysomos

Just one more reason to love — and use — Sysomos.

Do these vague words muddle your emails?

Both for entertainment and to serve as a reminder… it’s about crisp, clear language.

IKEA’s Twitter-powered vending machines

From the “creative and innovative ways of leveraging social media” file comes this report. IKEA Canada is promoting its 2016 catalog with gift card dispensed by vending machines for Twitter users who tweet #GrabLifeByTheCatalog to @IKEACanada.

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