Here are seven articles from the past week that digital public affairs professionals should read.

Ignoring data in your PR campaign? Bad idea; here’s why

As this article by data analytics whiz Katie Payne illustrates, data can be the difference between success and catastrohopic impacts to an organization’s (or individual’s) reputation, financial state and future.

Google, Facebook will continue to dominate mobile ad market: eMarketer

If you’re thinking about online paid media, particularly to reach a larger audience you can segment, mobile platforms need to be at the front of your mind.

Email fail: Blunder sees leading HIV clinic leak details of 780 patients

Email mistakes are common. Some mistakes are bigger than others.

Forget social media, friends and family drive purchases: study

Social media connections can do a lot to influence purchase decisions. Aside from the social influence, and sometimes the social pressures, online services mine data gathered from your usage patterns and to determine your interests based on your connections to make their targeted advertising more attractive to advertisers. Still, family and friends have always had influnce on our purchase decisions.

Twitter Is Experimenting With Putting Analytics Highlights In Your Notifications Tab

More data can be good, particularly when the analysis is presented in a user-friendly way.

HTTPS and Other Ranking Factors: What Impacts the SEO of Government Websites?

SEO applies to all sites, including government sites. The tips in this article look familiar to most practitioners, particularly those in the private sector. Now they’re written in a way bureaucrats can better understand.

3 branding insights from Google’s logo change

Many people have an opinion on the new Google logo. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay.

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