Unprivate channels, digital trends, Facebook video metrics, creative news, AskTSA, blowback and (mis)communicating nuance… seven must-reads for digital public affairs practitioners.

Canadian court rules that your text messages are not as private as you think they are

While this case, and others, deal with criminal activity involving weapons and drugs, this serves as a reminder that everything we thought was private may not necessarily be so. Communicators talk about the impacts of social media in exposing people. Less frequently mentioned is the role of emails and text messages in exposing and incriminating individuals in criminal or unethical activities.

Five trends turning public affairs upside down

John Kerrison from the New South Wales Government in Australia highlights how mobile devices, Facebook, and content are having a significant impact on how public affairs is practiced.

Facebook is adding new video metrics for publishers, including demographics and 360º heatmaps

Facebook is finally expanding our ability to measure the impact of video.

These are some of the coolest experiments in digital news coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics

Since the Olympics stopped meaning something to me around 1998 (the IOC’s authoritarian protection of the brand is also off-putting), I’ve gone out of my way to avoid coverage of the events. However, this report’s headline caught my attention and delivered on the promise to dazzle me with creative ways of covering the Olympics. Kudos to the journalists and media organizations for making it interesting!

Tweet This TSA Account to See If You Can Bring That Item Onto an Airplane

The TSA continues to innovate customer service and public affairs through social media — and win! Their AskTSA pilot program was such a success helping travelers find answers to important travel questions that the TSA has expanded the program to include Facebook.

Lexus-only parking spots at Edmonton airport criticized

A partnership designed to raise funds for the Edmonton airport has resulted in online criticism about elitism. The blowback and resulting media coverage is a double-edged sword since it also raises awareness of the spots, the partnership and the airport’s willingness to enter into these kinds of arrangements. Still, I wonder if the airport authority conducted a communications TRA (Threat and Risk Assessment) about this move so they would be ready for what came.

Today’s Political Communication Mis-‘Tweets’ The Public

The US election has put the role of social media in political communication on the front page. Again. Perhaps it’s the forced constraint-based creativity, or our shrinking attention spans. Regardless, you need to think very carefully — and creatively — to communicate nuanced issues online.

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