Happy new year! Here’s hoping you are on the receiving end of the best 2016 has to offer.

These seven articles digital public affairs practitioners need to read cover the last week of 2015 as well as fresh news for 2016.

How much DPD is spending to change its reputation

Establishing and maintaining a good institutional reputation takes leadership, good values and money. The Denver Police Department has made a wise, if not controversial, investment in digital public affairs. You should, too.

Canadian newspapers made digital push in 2015

It should come as no surprise that the digital age has put tremendous pressure on traditional news organizations and their familiar business models. While mainstream journalists and the organizations they work for still command an extremely high degree of trust (according to many surveys) they continue to trim down staff and move toward more digital delivery methods in an effort to remain financially viable, competitive and, in some cases, relevant.

Reservations not required

Getting your message to be noticed, considered and hopefully spread over social media is key to reaching more people and getting earned media attention out of the deal. York Regional Police scored a solid triple with this video warning people to not drink and drive.

The Best Social Media Strategy? Authenticity

Authenticity is the cornerstone of effective social media engagement — and a tired topic for those of us who try to make the social media fumblers to understand. The key takeaway from this piece is “Everything now is a crisis.” Survival depends on human qualities. Read TOUCH, which I co-authored with Tod Maffin.

Trump: A whole new level of Keep It Simple Stupid

Donald Trump and his approach to communication and divisive politics will be studied for many years. While I do NOT endorse his attitudes, there are lessons to be learned from this analysis of his car-salesman-like speaking style.

Politwoops is back to show you all the embarrassing tweets politicians delete

When politicians deleted their tweets, hoping to eliminate any record of misfired communications, Politwoops was there to make sure those tweets never went away. And, that they remained searchable. Twitter pulled the plug on Politwoops last spring for violating the social communication service’s policies. And now, they’re back with Twitter’s blessing.

UK government responds to petition to ban Donald Trump from the country

It will be interesting to see if the UK parliament debates this petition (created using the official government petition service), or allows the government statement to stand on its own.

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