The following seven articles spanning the last week are must-reads for digital public affairs practitioners.

Ex-bureaucrat on mission to trigger technological revolution

Ko Fujii specializes in “innovation advocacy” which he says is is to “analyze the social impact of advancing technologies and connect the innovating businesses with the policymakers and government officials who are in position to facilitate their use, while waging effective public relations campaigns to promote community acceptance of the inventions.”

‘Social media a powerful platform for public diplomacy’

US Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Richard Stengel says “Public diplomacy is about facts based on information and communication, propaganda is about trying to persuade people based on false information.”

Successful organizations conduct more meetings

Are you measuring the right things that demonstrate progress and inform meaningful action, or the easy things that make you feel good about yourself?

Why Facebook Messenger Is a Big Deal for Customer Service

Canadian Joshua Gans uses Rogers to demonstrate how Facebook’s Messenger app could help redefine how organizations deliver (maybe even over-deliver) customer service. Remember, no matter how powerful the technology, corporate values and culture are key to the quality of the service delivered.

The biggest mistake you’re making on Twitter

Donna Papacosta highlights why many people are failing to derive value from Twitter and suggests some of the ways you can make Twitter work for you.

Apple’s iPad Tops J.D. Power’s US Tablet Satisfaction Survey

A new study shows the iPad has a small customer satisfaction lead on competitors Microsoft and Samsung.

What to do about terrorist messaging

The fact remains that most Muslims see ISIS and AQ for what they are: terrorist criminals whose actions and beliefs actually have very little to do with Islamic precepts. As a result, they reject the propaganda out there, although there is room to doubt whether most Muslims ever see this material, let alone ignore it.

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