Seven articles from the past week that digital public affairs practitioners need to read.

Charities, get ready for Giving Tuesday – live Q&A

Do you work for a charity? Tuesday, December 1, is “Giving Tuesday.” This is an opportunity to harness the moment and maybe increase your donor base — and donations.

Friend & Foe

The U.S. National Guard has learned how valuable social media can be in making informed decisions to build better community relationships. This is the kind of approach that goes against the surveillance stereotypes and can do wonders to build trust and improve reputations.

U.S. International Media Attracts Record Audience of 226 Million

“Digital audiences increased from 25 million to 32 million, driven in part by social media and circumvention tools used by Radio Free Asia and Voice of America to evade the Chinese firewall and engage audiences in China, as well as a new multi-platform campaign launched by the Middle East Broadcasting Networks aimed at engaging Iraqi audiences and providing them an opportunity to voice their opinions.”

The LAPD Hopes Digital Billboards Can Reach Distracted Drivers

“The Los Angeles Police Department has partnered with Clear Channel Outdoor—owner of many of the city’s mega billboards, including several of its digital ones—to transmit safety messages aimed at drivers.”

5 Tips for Getting Into Live Streaming

Among these five great tips for getting into live streaming over the Internet is “Be willing to accept mistakes.” Mistakes happen. We’ve all made mistakes. We all will make more of them. That’s part of the process of getting to be great.

French Flags on Facebook: Does Social Media Support Really Matter?

Facebook’s decision to make a French flag overlay available for users’ profiles was both well received and the subject of significant criticisms. No matter how you look at it, though, it’s clear that people who are active on social media are keep to support others online–or at lease appear to be supporting others online.

Amid digital media trends, Vatican looks to learn from Asian strengths

Learning, and where the learning comes from, never ends.

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