The election is over and I’m fully recovered. Now back to the weekly roundup.

All Politics is Local: Airbnb reveals plan to become the Uber of Astroturfing

Social business and the social sharing economy gives tech companies the incredible power of mobiliization precisely because their most valuable assets are the people who make up their business ecosystem. And, these companies are leveraging their assets. Some, like Airbnb are doing it badly. How are you leveraging your social assets?

7 writing and language sites you should know about

Don’t expect your audience to understand you or accept your message If your communication products are complex, clunky or intellectual. For more on why, read my post Who cares more about your communication?

Facebook Now Lets [Advertisers] Target Political Fanatics

“Facebook is rolling out a new feature that enables advertisers to target so-called “political influencers.” These are people who like lots of political Pages, click on political ads, and share content from political parties and organizations.”

Social media and the Northwest: Report finds growing influence on politics

Even though its a report about US-based behaviours, I believe the findings reflect the reality of social media and politics in Canada. This article sums up the report.

YouTube offering news publishers big incentives to lure them back

In case you didn’t already know, YouTube is the second most-popular search engine on the Internet, trailing Google. Both are owned by Google Alphabet Inc. Being on YouTube makes content from news organizations more visible than if posted only to their own sites. This can be both a good thing, and bad, for organizations who find themselves the subject of news stories.

Jeb Bush’s New Campaign Hashtag Is Backfiring Big-Time

This is a common occurrence. A company or advocacy group comes up with an idea for a campaign built around a hashtag. Only, the effect of the campaign is the exact opposite of what the creators had been hoping for. Do you do Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) on your campaigns? And there’s more… the Bush campaign’s lack of strategic forethought meant they didn’t register the domain

The more you talk, the more you tic: 10 tips for lean speech

Speech tics including “uhm” and “you know” can be distracting and chip away at a speaker’s credibility. These tips will help you become a lean speaker.

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