The election is over and I’m fully recovered. Now back to the weekly roundup.

Content search has come to Facebook

Facebook search capabilites have always lagged behind other services. Clearly feeling the pressure of Twitter’s strength as a real-time engagement and breaking news platform (particularly in light of the recent Twitter-Google partnership), Facebook has overhauled its in-house search features.

Almost Half (45%) of Canadians Consider Themselves Loyal to Brands that Support Good Causes

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and good citizenship is good for Canadian brands. This is just as true for public affairs as it is for marketing.

Why Canadians are spending more on wireless and internet services

Online entertainment and the digitization of traditional services have turned the Internet into critical infrastructure. That means more wireless use which means bigger wireless bills.

Does the Internet cost us more than it’s worth?

A new report suggests secure infrastructe and data protection are driving up the cost of online commerce and service delivery. The question becomes, do the benefits of the digital economy outweigh the costs?

Creating informed voters through WhatsApp: A Canadian election experiment

The features and culture of messaging app WhatsApp has turned it into a powerful (and measurable) communication and engagement tool. Will it pick up where email leaves off?

Why NASA Needs a Programmer Fluent In 60-Year-Old Languages

To most of the population, computers and mobile tech are disposable. This is even more true of software and applications. Shelf life is short. There are a few things that are still kicking after 30 and even 40 years.

It’s now or never: how an urgent slogan can backfire

Poorly considered slogans can be a problem when they very publicly fail to deliver results. It gets only worse if they’re still being paraded with the same desperate tone after six months.

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