It’s hard to believe the summer mindset wraps up this weekend. School starts next week. So does the pace of work.

Good writing, payment processing, Twitter bots, Facebook’s new reality, PR crisis and leading with digital… seven must-reads for digital public affairs practitioners.

4 essential qualities of an excellent Public Affairs content writer

“…writers are essential to the success of any organization because the production of content of unique appeal to your key audiences is imperative for success in a social-media driven

PayPal’s pay wall: How a crackdown on crime is frustrating some customers

Some changes to PayPal’s payment processing of purchases involving “sensitive” terms (set by the U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control) appear to be interfering with otherwise innocuous purchases and donations. This may also have an impact on campaigns which use flagged terms in their titles.

I tweeted about Harper. Then the Twitter bots attacked

A fantastic essay by former PMO lawyer Benjamin Perrin on how and when to react to online criticism, even when it looks like it’s spreading like wildfire.

Sorry Mark Zuckerberg, But Facebook Is Definitely a Media Company

Facebook’s decisions over the last couple of years has changed the nature of the organization and its role in the media landscape. So much so that the social network is evolving into a media company — perhaps one of the most powerful.

Public backlash, PR crisis continues despite cost concession for EpiPens

Social media have democratized influence. Average people can affect the reputation and stock price of major airlines and pharmaceutical companies, to name just two. This latest example of a company caught in a PR crisis led to a celebrity spokeswoman and politicians to take action.

Mobile vs. Computer: Implications for News Audiences and Outlets

More about the increasing role of mobile in our news, communication, advocacy and networking habits.

How digital growth can steady the UK’s post-Brexit economy

Speaking from experience, leading with digital works very well with a lot of campaign styles. This article shows why and how it will work in the context of the UK Brexit.

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