Like many companies, we continue to study relationship between real public interest/opinion and Twitter activity. While the relationship has not yet be fully established, there are indicators that allow us to make reasonable assumptions. For instance, federal political issues are largely discussed in the Ottawa bubble and by Canadians who are partisans or passionate about politics.

It’s fair to say the activity trends of current events that play out on Twitter generally mirror off-Twitter trends; once the day is over, or the immediate crisis is under control, people tend to carry on about their lives.

We see that some of these patterns played out as part of the Twitter chatter about yesterday’s budget.

Here are some highlights of budget-related Twitter chatter for yesterday, April 21.

  • Tweets issued: 31,106
  • Participating Twitter accounts: 17,273 (average 1.8 tweets/account)
  • Top hashtag: #Budget2015
    • Economic Action Plan hashtags (e.g. #EAP15 and #EAP2015) and similar EAP-language played a much smaller role than in recent years (4% of all traffic)
  • Activity peaked between 4-5pmET when media and enthusiasts live-tweeted facts, details, commentary
  • Activity largely wrapped-up by 9pmET
  • Five most-tweeted themes/issues:
    • Economy
    • Public transportation
    • Contingency fund
    • Election
    • Tax-free savings account (TFSA)
  • Five most-active provinces:
    • Ontario
    • British Columbia
    • Alberta
    • Québec
    • Nova Scotia
  • Gender distribution by participants:
    • Female: 24%
    • Male: 43%
    • Organization/unknown: 33%
  • Gender distribution of tweets issued:
    • Female: 36%
    • Male 41%
    • Organization/unknown: 36%
  • Tweet types:
    • Regular (communication): 31%
    • Retweet (amplification): 67%
    • Reply (conversation): 2%
  • Tweet participation by tweets issued:
    • 1 tweet: 70%
    • 2-4 tweets: 24%
    • 5-7 tweets: 5%
    • 8 or more tweets: 2%

Top three tweets

While a tweet issued by Finance Minister Joe Oliver was the breakaway leader most of the day (and still has a strong ranking), it was ultimately edged-out by the following:




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