Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird stood up in the House of Commons to announce his retirement from cabinet and politics this morning — something that was anticipated after the impending retirement was leaked on to Twitter.

Like a true, digitally-engaged politician and diplomat, Minister Baird released a tweet announcing his retirement. The tweet, issued just before 7amET, had been retweeted more than 700 times by 11am.

What does that look like?

The following image shows the life of John Baird’s retirement tweet (to 11amET). In order to make it fit in the post, I had to shrink the image almost to the point of being invisible. But you can see how far the tweet has travelled so far, and especially where nodes of influence exist in Mr. Baird’s Twitter network. Each node, each Twitter user can be identified.


Here’s a slightly enlarged section close to the source.


Do you know where your nodes of influence are?

Analysis conducted using Sysomos MAP.

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