I’m giving a talk today on the role of digital in advocacy, with a specific focus on healthcare issues. My talk includes a number of great examples of how organizations and individuals are harnessing the tools of the online world to amplify their message and tip the scales in their cause. Some of the examples consider changes in behaviours and attitudes, some consider changes to public policy.

This post includes videos (either actual campaign videos or case studies of campaigns) and links to many of the campaigns covered or mentioned in my talk.

The healthcare campaigns covered in my session include:

  • Hélène Campbell’s #BeAnOrganDonor (video below)
  • Brazilian multimillionaire Thane Chiquinho Scarpa’s “Bentley Burial”
  • Canadian Medical Association’s Demand A Plan
  • Melanoma Patients Australia’s Melanoma Likes Me (video below)
  • Brazilian Center for Skin Cancer’s Tattoo Artists Against Skin Cancer (video below)
  • Red Cross Peru’s #HashtagsForLife (video below)
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Human Rights Campaign’s marriage equality
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Back to School Healthy Lunch campaign

Other campaigns covered or mentioned in my session:

  • #TellVicEverything
  • Troy Michigan Library’s Book Burning Party (video below)
  • Invisible Children’s KONY2012, specifically how the organization managed criticism (video below)






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