With the Ottawa municipal election around the corner, I’ve been evaluating the candidates for mayor and city council who are online. I’ve already published a number of posts about the candidates in different parts of the city. Last, but certainly not least, are the wards made up of the townships on the edge of the city: West Carleton – March (ward 5), Cumberland (ward 19), Osgoode (ward 20), and Rideau – Golbourne (ward 21).

General Observations

Having already published 4 posts about the candidates for city council, there is very little that I could talk about when it comes to improving your use of social media during an election campaign. Instead of attempting to find something new and ending up repeating myself, I won’t say anything. However, you can visit my past posts to learn more about contact information and inactive social media, and pointers for Facebook, Twitter, and your website.

The Grades

Only the candidates who had an online presence were evaluated. Using the criteria below, here is how I graded each of them.


  • Is complete information available?
  • Are links to social media profiles available and working?
  • Is information easy to find?


  • Is the candidate’s Twitter biography complete (including photo) and is there a link to the campaign website?
  • Do they tweet regularly and engage with potential voters?


  • Do they have a Facebook fan page or a profile?
  • If they only have a personal profile, are their security settings such that any visitor can see the posts without being a Facebook friend of the candidate?
  • Does the candidate post a variety of content?

Ward Legend

  • Ward 5: West Carleton – March
  • Ward 19: Cumberland
  • Ward 20: Osgoode
  • Ward 21: Rideau – Golbourne
Alexander Aronec5A-A-A-
Eli El-Chantiry5A+B-FC+
Brendan Gorman5A+B-C+BLinkedIn
Jonathan Mark5A+AC-B+LinkedIn
Marc Belisle19AB-C-B-
Stephen Blais19AA-C+B+YouTube
George Darouze20AAB+A-
Tom Dawson20A+B-FC+
Davis Jermacans20AA-CB
Jean Johnston-McKitterick20A+A-D+BLinkedIn
Liam Maguire20AAC+B+LinkedIn
Bob Masaro20B-B-
Allen Scantland20D-D-D-
Mark Scharfe20A-A-
Kim Sheldrick20AAB+A-
George Wright20D-D-
Scott Moffatt21A+A+A+
Daniel Scharf21A+A-C+B+

Featured photo: Ottawa Canada September 2010 — Ottawa City Hall/ Hôtel de Ville d’Ottawa 10 uploaded to Flickr by Douglas Sprott

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