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Here's a taste of some of our clients' success stories

Crisis communications and reputation management

An industry association found itself at the centre of a major crisis. As with most modern crises, much of the commentary and criticism was playing out over social media which was feeding mainstream media coverage. The volume of activity made it extremely difficult for the association to keep up with the issue, much less make sense of the discourse.

Full Duplex was brought in to parse through the online activity, identify participants who were most likely to influence the media and regulatory agenda, and help prepare our client to respond to criticisms and make smart statements when necessary.

Situation, strategy, results

Digital public affairs and issues management

A government body found itself the target of significant criticism following news of a potential economic crisis. The situation was made worse by widespread accusations that the government was using ‘spin’ to downplay the looming problems.

After reading our detailed analysis of the Idle No More movement, a director with the government contacted Full Duplex. He enlisted our expertise to support a public consultation and strategic planning process. We analyzed online commentary, measured and identified trends in opinions, and provided strategic guidance on communication activities and input on organizational changes.

Situation, strategy, results

Issues and reputation management

A labour association found itself without a voice when it most needed public support. The association and its president lacked the public profile necessary to be included in media reports. This interfered with their ability to be part of the considered opinion, alongside higher profile management opinions.

A member of the Full Duplex digital public affairs team was brought in to lead a digital-first effort intended raise the profile of the association and its president. The approach showcased the personality of the president and, building his personal rapport and professional credibility online with the public and especially with the media and politicians.

Situation, strategy, results

Brand building through an effective web presence

An industry association determined that its aging website worked counter to its mandate to make new friends with the public, business communities and municipalities. The site was text heavy, academic and cumbersome to navigate; “repellant” as the Director of Communications called it.

Full Duplex worked closely with the client to rework the entire site, making it a showcase for the industry. The site became an effective online hub supporting a strong brand and reinforcing the industry’s commitment to good public relations.

Situation, strategy, results

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