Donald Trump and his…er…style of communication offers an endless supply of material for analysis.

A while back I shared a Boston Globe article that compared the communication grade-level of all of the presidential hopefuls. It should come as no surprise that Donald Trump speaks at the lowest of grade levels among the field of candidates, grade four. As telling as that may be about Trump’s salesman style, he is apparently reaching and getting the attention of a cohort of people who are both disenchanted by politics as-is, and who can be motivated to vote for something, well, unusual.

Or, maybe he’s just so outrageous that it’s the media attention that makes him appear more popular than he is which is causing his popularity. News organizations including the Washington Post and Denver Post have been writing lately about how Trump is levering the media, getting him plenty of free news coverage while spending almost nothing on advertising.

The following video from Nerdwriter1 examines Trump’s use of language, rhythm and powerful sentence closers. It’s worth watching.

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