Tomorrow, in ceremonies across the country, we will remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Already, people are sharing their expressions of gratitude and remembrance online.

Over the last 30 days ending at 7:30pmET today, 57K Canadians issued nearly 78K relevant tweets (over 16K today, so far). We can expect online activity surrounding Remembrance Day to reach a fever pitch tomorrow morning as people issue messages of remembrance and share photos and videos from Remembrance Day events.

I’ve analyzed relevant Twitter activity using Sysomos MAP to examine activity, and Affinio to gain a deeper understanding of the participants and the network of networks.

As you can imagine, there are incredible applications for data gathered from segments for veterans’ support organizations and education programs. This includes awareness campaigns, advocacy, fundraising efforts and more. Segment analysis can inform paid media campaigns and there are opportunities to expand the reach of a particular message by leveraging interest networks and communities-by-degrees.

So, how much Twitter activity is there? By how many people? And, who are they? Let’s look.


Remembrance Twitter activity. Analysis using Sysomos MAP.


Gender of remembrance tweeters. Analysis using Sysomos MAP.

Twitter participants organize into 11 segments (tribes) based on information provided in their account bios and location settings. While some groups are identified by a density of geographic location (Toronto, BC, MB and SK, Calgary, Edmonton, Atlantic Canada, and Ontario), some are identified by a density of interests (sports, politics, boy band fandom, conservatives).


Remembrance tweeters by tribe. Analysis using Affinio.

If you’re like me, you were probably struck by the appearance of the “Boy Band Fandom” tribe. There’s a simple explanation for that. The most popular relevant tweet was issued by Harry Styles, a member of boy band One Direction. While Styles is not Canadian, a contingent of his Canadian fans contributed to the growing retweet count, approaching 154K. A Veterans Canada’s Oct 28 tweet places a distant second (1,696 retweets).


The Toronto tribe is the largest, representing a 20% share of the 11 identified.


Size of remembrance tweeter tribes. Analysis using Affinio.

Another important consideration in understanding tribes is how likely the members of each tribe are to be connected to one another (in an online sense). Despite being the largest tribe, Toronto has a lower score. People in the Ontario tribe are roughly three times as likely to know one another than those in Toronto. The Calgary folk are also better connected, as are those in the Atlantic Canada tribe.


Interconnectivity of remembrance tribes. Analysis using Affinio.

Most of the participants in the remembrance Twitter discussion are active tweeters; 25% issue fewer than 15 tweets per month, the threshold below which Affinio defines them as “lurkers.”


Activity levels of remembrance tweeters (those who issue fewer than 15 tweets per month). Analysis using Affinio.

Each tribe is made up of very active Twitter participants with Politics leading the way at nearly 100 tweets issued by each member each month. Activity numbers may be a little higher than usual for the Politics and Conservatives tribes given the recent election and the swearing in of the new government. I expect the Boy Band Fandom tribe is always very active, tweeting about and retweeting their music and pop-culture heroes who dominate the accounts members of this tribe commonly follow,


Average twitter activity by members of remembrance tribes. Analysis using Affinio.

Affinio helps identify common traits of Twitter users in the analysis pool. One report examines how many times more likely participants in the remembrance discussion are to follow a given account compared to all Twitter users. Though it’s possible to isolate and drill into the Affinity Scores for each identified tribe, the graph that follows considers the entire field of Remembrance Day tweeters. The Twitter accounts with the top Affinity Score (with score in brackets) are:

  1. @RoyalCdnLegion (5,058)
  2. @Legion_Magazine (4,539)
  3. @VimyFoundation (4,265)
  4. @JunoBeachCentre (3,980)
  5. @HonDavidOnley (3,809)

Top Interest Twitter accounts based on Affinity Score. Analysis using Affinio.

By comparison, the Relevance Score (out of 100) considers following size and the number of tribe members who follow the account. As with the Affinity Score, it’s possible to drill into the Relevance Score for each tribe. The Twitter accounts with the highest Relevance Score (with Relevance and Affinity score in brackets) are:

  1. @JustinTrudeau (31.9/100, 235)
  2. @RickMercer (28.4/100, 169)
  3. @CBCNews (28.3/100, 155)
  4. @GlobeAndMail (27.4/100, 192)
  5. @Cmdr_Hadfield (24.5/100, 128)

As valuable as this type of analysis may be, the reason for the underlying activity is priceless.

Thank you very much to all of Canada’s servicemen, servicewomen, and their families. We are grateful. Lest we forget.

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