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Full Duplex digital public affairs

Full Duplex offers the strategic counsel of established public affairs consultancies with the agility and energy of a digital startup.

Digital public affairs

Reputation and issues management

You need a coherent response that helps minimize the impact to your organization and its leadership. Clear policies and effective communications will help establish a stronger position for any future crisis.

Online advocacy

Online advocacy

Harness the strengths of online tools and communities. Reach desired audiences, build friendships and energize interest in relevant concerns to help you achieve your advocacy goals.



Your success depends on informed decisions to direct your communication resources. We will provide analysis of your online activities, audience segments, trends and messages, then develop and deliver effective strategies.


Get to know how Canadian opinions are shaped through online information and interactions.

Matters of Opinion

Matters of Opinion 2014

Learn how Canadian opinions are shaped by online information and interactions, and get to know Canada’s digital public affairs ecosystem.

Idle No More

Idle No More

A comprehensive analysis of Canada’s first large-scale advocacy movement, and the digital thrust that made it national news for four of its first six months.

Peace, Order and Googleable Government


How MPs are using social media to communicate and engage with Canadians, and the role digital is playing in Canada’s democracy.

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